Sustainability and the environment are at the heart of what we do. We promise to put the environment first.

Being based in beautiful Yorkshire, we know that we have a responsibility to look after our environment. This has driven us to source our materials from sustainable suppliers, make products that are built to last and reduce waste wherever we can.

Our environmental policy is at the heart of all we do to ensure we make the best decisions and are committed to looking after the environment as much as we can.

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How do we do this?
  • Put the environment first in all of our decision making.
  • Meet relevant national and international regulations.
  • Reduce and improve our waste and recycling processes.
  • Carefully choose the courier service that we use.
  • Continually measure our environmental impact.
  • Set ourselves regular environmentally-friendly targets.
Why we use FSC-certified wood

The impact that we have upon the environment – especially forests – is something we are always mindful of. This is why we are super careful about our materials and where we get them from – especially when it comes to the wood we use.

We’re incredibly proud to say that we are an FSC -certified company. This means we have the required high social and environmental standards.

So why are we FSC certified?

• Sustainable forests
• Forests exempt from felling
• Environmental charity endorsements
• Assurance of future
• Tracked wood from forest to store

Not only this, but the FSC standards offer protection to local communities, wildlife, workers rights and more meaning that we are doing our bit to preserve all that we can for future generations.

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Keeping our manufacturing standards high

As a manufacturer, we know that we have a responsibility to keep our factory work standards and processes high. We ensure that we are reducing our waste at all stages of our manufacturing process as well as ensuring that the waste we do create is disposed of correctly and with minimal environmental impact.

We even have an air filtration system in our warehouse that extracts all sawdust created during manufacturing. This dust is then safely disposed of by specialist recycling services.

All of our packing for transportation is kept to a minimum to help cut down on the amount of waste we produce and to help maximise recycling.

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Carefully choosing our partners

Our carefully chosen main courier services also share our dedication to the environment with the companies committing to reduce their carbon footprint through a programme of new vehicle technology, fuel efficiency, energy reduction and more.

We will continually dedicate ourselves to do the best we can for the environment and to keep working sustainably so that we can all trust in our future and so you can continue to trust in us to work sustainably

Our environmental promise
Sustainability and the environment are at the heart of what we do
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