Most people may have been working from home this year, but office design doesn’t sleep and 2020 has seen the opening of some fantastic workspaces.

Office design continues to evolve, with the new workspaces of 2020 helping to shape the trends that we’ll see more of in the next few years. Despite the challenges of Covid-19, a number of stylish, modern and functional offices have opened this year to international applause.

Celebrating all things great about office design, the SBID International Design Awards has taken a look at the best newly-created office spaces across the globe to highlight the best of what the industry has to offer.

We’ve taken a look at the finalists in Office Design category to pull out some of our favourites and to provide some inspiration for those looking to transform a workspace in the future.

Adidas – London, United Kingdom

The new London headquarters for Adidas has been developed in Clerkenwell’s Herbal House. It successfully combines aspects of the Adidas brand with the design history of Herbal House to create an eye-catching visual identity that is unique to the company’s London team.

Combining traditional office aspects with comfort and different styles of workspace, the new Adidas headquarters seems to perfectly embody the hybrid workspace trend. A largely neutral colour palette is complemented by pops of strong blue, green and pink, working well with the brand’s overall colour scheme.

Overall, the office looks fresh and has taken into account the original architecture of the iconic building, as well as the various ways that individuals and teams may wish to work.

Deloitte Waterfall – Gauteng, South Africa

Deloitte’s new African Headquarters is located in a 42,500 sqm single-tenant facility. The building is “Smart”, fully digital and sustainable, with these modern aspects of its construction also being displayed through the design of the workspace.

The building makes great use of natural light, open space and greenery to create a fresh and vibrant office. Notably, it uses Deloitte’s primary and secondary brand colours to great effect, with the colours cascading through the six levels so each floor has its own colour scheme.

Strong colour choices work well with warm wood and plants to create an inviting workspace. Much of the office provides flexibility in terms of working styles, using bespoke furniture to great effect, helping to focus on lifestyle factors rather than just work.

The variation in design all manages to work together, creating a well-balanced workspace where each floor has a strong identity but specific themes flow throughout it all.

White Palace – Taichung City, Taiwan

Luxury is the word that comes to mind when looking at the design of White Palace. The opulent workspace screams ‘designer’ and is an interesting take on the modern office. 

While the workspace itself is largely painted white, helping to utilise natural light to great effect in order to create a vibrant space, the use of white filigree on certain sections of wall help to add a beautiful and dynamic element. When you combine this classic element of design with heavily styled furniture and plush fabrics in rich colours, the effect really is beautiful. 

But not everything is so heavily styled. There is a fantastic balance of classic and new, with modern furniture, shelving, art and partitions working perfectly with the elegant filigree. The use of real plants throughout the space also adds a natural touch that brightens the space further and ties in well with floral decorations. This is a standout office among the finalists and makes an instant statement.

Volaris – Ontario, Canada

The first thing you notice about this office is the view. Surrounded by a stunning conversation site, the workspace makes the most of the nature it is enveloped by with floor to ceiling windows. Not only do the windows help to provide a great connection to the outdoors, but they also introduce a huge amount of natural light, which the space utilises well. 

The line between inside and outside is blurred further through the use of plants throughout the office which work well with the warm wooden floors and nature-inspired colour scheme. Glass interior walls are also used to further the use of natural light and create a brilliant sense of openness. 

Designed with interaction and collaboration in mind, the office is very relaxed and easy-going. Choices have been made with the furniture and the open layout so as to foster a greater level of communication and encourage creativity. 

Interaction is definitely one of the big design influences within this workspace, as it provides plenty of opportunity for employees to some together, whether formally or spontaneously. The workspace includes ten meeting rooms, a bright cafe area and a great selection of soft seating. 

All in all, the office creates a modern but comfortable environment that really makes the most of where it is while providing a great level of flexibility for staff. 

The Living Rooms – London, United Kingdom

Designed to help foster a more agile working culture, The Living Rooms is a co-working inspired space within a large financial organisation’s London headquarters. Providing a more flexible workspace, it provides somewhere for mobile and remote staff to meet and work without the need for fixed desks. 

Located across one whole floor of the business’ building, it includes three workspace zones – dawn, day and dusk – which wrap around a shared atrium and garden. The garden and atrium service as a central point for the full building and help to utilise a great degree of natural light while also creating an open and welcoming design. 

The creative space utilises a fantastic combination of styles, materials, furniture types – including a huge area of tiered seating –  textures and graphics. While the mixture creates very obvious different spaces, there are common themes, such as wood, light and greenery, that help to tie everything together. 

Beyond the fantastic and cohesive design, the space obviously works in different ways for different people. It provides flexibility while fostering conversation, collaboration and creativity. 

Harvey Nash – Birmingham United Kingdom

This workspace perfectly represents the home-like feel that hybrid offices are bringing to the workplace. The colourful and open office is all about comfort and flexibility, showcasing the relaxed culture of the company. 

It utilises multiple breakout zones to allow for collaboration and relaxed working, while the hot desks allow for more a traditional setup that is still fully flexible. Further bringing the home into the workplace, it includes a large open kitchen in the centre of the office, providing a great area for staff to meet. 

Modern touches and shapes are used throughout the office, which contrasts well with the homey rugs and slightly vintage styling of much of the furniture. Naked brick and wood work well with the plush, colourful soft furnishings, while the open design utilises natural light to its full advantage. 

This playful office fully embodies the brand and creates a workspace that puts staff comfort first and foremost while still maintaining its professionalism. 

Creating your perfect workspace

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